Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Dingo

You may know me as BowTiedDingo, but starting today, consider me your new, personal guide in the world of SaaS sales & starting / scaling a SaaS business.

This blog has grown and transformed, just like the industry we thrive in. While we continue to be a hub for ambitious B2B sales professionals seeking to dominate in SaaS sales, we're now also a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and innovators stepping into the world of SaaS startups.

Whether you're aiming to be a top-performing account executive, a presidents club Sales Development Representative (SDR), or an aspiring SaaS entrepreneur, you've joined a community that supports and empowers your aspirations.

Here's what you can expect from the new and improved Dominating SaaS:

  1. In-Depth Sales Insights: Continue to access a wealth of knowledge to land lucrative sales roles, enhance your sales skills, and learn from the experiences of others in the field.

  2. Startup Strategies: Dive into the essentials of starting a SaaS business, from ideation to execution, and learn the ropes of entrepreneurship in the SaaS landscape.

  3. Exclusive Content: As a paid subscriber, you'll not only get weekly posts exclusive to our members but also immediate access to our comprehensive archive of sales training and startup guides.

  4. Community Engagement: Your feedback and participation are vital. Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs. If there's a topic you're curious about, reach out to me at @BowTiedDingo on Twitter.

  5. Curated Favorites: Explore some of my top posts that have resonated with our community.

Join us as we navigate the exciting realms of SaaS sales and WiFi Money. Your journey to mastering sales and building a successful SaaS business starts here.

Looking forward to growing and learning together,

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First post of the SaaS Sales series! Welcome to the first real value add post in BowTiedDingo. The question of how to get into SaaS sales came up from a few different places in the jungle, so I thought it would be fitting to answer questions I’ve received immediately…
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Dominating SaaS Sales
Maximising Earning Potential in Sales
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Preparing For a New Quarter: SDR
Happy New Year! We have spent the past few weeks preparing BTD for 2022. Writing posts, preparing tools and scripts, and creating the resource we wish we had earlier in our sales career. We are going to continue building out this substack as a directory on all things you need to succeed in sales, from the start of your career all the way up. As part of t…
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Dominating SaaS Sales
Cold Calling Primer | Dominating SaaS Sales #2
Introduction In the last issue we spoke about how to get a job as an SDR for SaaS Sales, this is most peoples first step into the industry. The SDR job is not easy, it requires you to grind non-stop for months, sometimes years, doing the job that most people couldn’t. The grind and rejection is just too much. So to make this time easier, lets start to ta…
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